About the Y Course

This eight week evangelism course helps people face life’s biggest questions and introduces them to Jesus.
What makes it different?

The Y Course stands apart from other enquirers’ courses because –

  • Its guests need no knowledge of the Bible or Christian language
  • It includes issues like ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ and ‘What about other religions?
  • It talks today’s language, uses stories that relate, and doesn’t rush people to a decision.
What resources does it provide?

The resources for The Y Course include –

  1. 16 chat show style DVD segments (6 minutes each) featuring Peter Meadows and Joseph Steinberg with Gemma Hunt
  2. A guide for Course Leaders
  3. A guide for small group leaders and over 100 questions to stimulate discussion
  4. The Book of Y – the core content for the course
To find out more, click the logo at the top or go to www.ycourse.com